I’m not typically a blog style writer so please excuse my amateur approach. Shortly after the Nintendo Switch launched it was discovered that physical releases that are also available on other platforms would average approximately $10 more to consumers or also commonly referred to as Nintendo Tax. I must admit before the system even hit store shelves I suspected a nominal price increase as proprietary media in place of standard disc would have an expected additional cost to manufacture. I am always in favour of companies being competitive in regard to offering products to consumers at the best MSRP possible but in specific case of the Switch we as gaming fans possibly have the best offering so far, but how is that you ask?

How can you defend the practice of being charged more money for the same game that is lower priced on competition platforms? Well let me go way back to the 90’s, in my specific case as a child I loved fighter titles, most notably Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat & Killer Instinct. All three of which I owned on Super Nintendo but when going on long car trips or stuck in a hotel for the evening I had two options to feed my button pressing bug, if luck would have it one of those cabinets would be in the hotel lobby or enjoy my much adored Gameboy which did actually get ports of all three of the fighter titles previously mentioned. However if you did purchase your favourite games for both console and portable would literally be about double the price plus majority of those mobile ports were beyond dreadful, actually it was totally common to expect handheld ports to be less quality experience in comparison to home consoles or completely different all together due to hardware limitations. It’s actually unfair to use the example of Gameboy VS Super Nintendo now with our ultra high tech mobile devices & in the case of PC gaming nearly not an issue provided you have a damn decent laptop to carry around.

A more recent example would be my purchase of Puyo Puyo Tetris which brand new on my local retail shelf was $10 less on Playstation 4 over grabbing on the Switch, real no brainer right? I thought that also until summer came around and plans to visit overnight up at my mom’s trailer brought immediate regret on my decision. Yeah yeah I can hear it now you don’t need games when visiting family which I agree with setting down controllers when comes to catching up with family but not only was I saddened that playing Puyo Puyo Tetris was not an option now for when waking up early on my own to enjoy with morning coffee but my mom is also a long time Tetris fan and it would have been awesome to relive those childhood memories of playing the puzzle block adventure again with her today and had I not been frugal over just $10 more could have easily taken the console experience for us to have fun playing together. Future titles that are not tied to online only I will absolutely consider those occasions however rare they might be of being able to take console quality adventures on the go.