Pam and Riley talk about what they’ve been doing lately between Pam’s long days at work and Riley’s favourite kpop group consuming her every waking hour.

What we’ve been up to (00:01:09)

  • Animal Crossing Pocket Camp (Riley)
  • (00:06:56) Night in the Woods (Pam)
  • (00:09:07) Overwatch (Riley)
  • (00:13:26) TWD Michonne (Pam)
  • (00:16:30) Thor: Ragnarok (Riley)
  • (00:19:40) Geostorm (Pam)
  • (00:24:50) The Big Family Cooking Showdown (Riley)
  • (00:29:04) Mindhunter (Pam)
  • (00:33:13) BTS was at the AMAs (and everywhere else in American TV) (Riley)
  • (00:40:40) Blood, Sweat and Pixels (Pam)

Listener Questions (00:46:33)

  • Are DOOM and Wolfenstein part of the same universe? Will we ever see BJ gun down Nazi demons? WIll Doomguy ever chainsaw an Ubercommander in their face? @FlockofNerds
  • (00:48:32) With the recent fuss about loot boxes (and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp out) what are you willing to pay extra for in a free to play game, and how far into the game do you have to be before you’re willing to pay? @lowguppy
  • (01:00:31) Do you think it will ever be revealed that Grey Sloane Memorial is built on an ancient indian burial ground? @dialacina
  • (01:01:56) Which characters, if any, on Greys has had good character progression? @SerrinneWow
  • (01:04:25) Are you looking forward to any Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Boxing Day sales? @FlockofNerds
  • (01:06:40) Have you ever been surprised to learn that someone you would never have guessed was a gamer was actually really into video games? @alatinolawyer
  • (01:08:25) Are there any games you think present dialogue in a particularly fun way, on an interface level? I played Oxenfree recently and thought the presentation of dialogue and choices was really nice @GarrickWinter