Today’s Topics:

This episode we’re talking about our favourite media from 2017.

What we’ve been up to

  • (00:00:53) Oxenfree (Riley)
  • (00:05:00) Overwatch and Mercy nerfs (Pam)
  • (00:10:40) Pyre (Riley)
  • (00:13:10) Valley (Pam)
  • (00:15:01) Octodad (Riley)
  • (00:19:20) Horizon Zero Dawn (Riley)
  • (00:30:10) Key & Peele (Pam)
  • (00:31:22) Along with the Gods (Riley)
  • (00:36:02) This is Us (Pam)

The Best of 2017

  • (00:39:38) Best Games – Horizon Zero Dawn, The Sexy Brutale, Overwatch League, Cuphead, What Remains of Edith Finch
  • (00:51:32) Best Movies – Goblin (tv), Train to Busan, Okja, The Big Sick, Get Out, Wonder Woman (WW episode of Movies with Mikey)
  • (01:02:20) Best TV – The Handmaid’s Tale, Claws
  • (01:06:32) Best Podcasts – The Secret Life of Canada, Switchblade Sisters
  • (01:11:28) Best Books – The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet

Listener Questions

  • (01:13:23) What was a 2017 game that surprised you, either in a good or bad way? @CGRRRRRRRR
  • (01:15:50) What was your favourite move you pulled off in Overwatch? @Orkchop
  • (01:19:39) Favorite new Twitter accounts you followed in 2017? @alatinolawyer
  • (01:23:24) What’s your favorite esport to watch and who’s your favorite team or player? @Orkchop
  • (01:27:00) What is your favorite Cartridge Club Game of the month? @hiddlestonlovr

Contact information (01:27:33)

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