New set but the same old bros this week. Mark is finally in the closet with his PS2 and diving into Odin Sphere. P1 gets pumped about Rusty’s latest review on Boy and his Blob and receives a delivery from Girl Scouts of America. Rooms are available for the Chi-Cartridge-Con event in Chicago this July.

P2 talks isolation horror and we list off some of our favourites. Does combat alone carry an RPG or is it the story that really drives it? P1 makes a plea to Media Mavens to become an Overwatch only podcast (or at least tell him one that exists already that is as good as they are). Lastly we might get the final SEGA Top 50 video this week!

Announcements: 4:07

What We’ve Been Up To: 15:07

CCAnswers: 39:27