THIS WEEK I try out a new format with my recurring guest and girlfriend @SpectreSpark! We talk about her job at Goodwill, how they price stuff, some of the processes of that, and some stories about crazy customers! We then try out a new segment called “RECOMMENDATION MINUTE!” it goes, okay… could use some work, lol. Then we chat about this crazy week, getting an oil change, a crazy lady at my work, and of course video games. We chat a little about some news stories, and talk about a question from somebody in the community! I hope you enjoy the episode, it really was a labor of love to try to change it up and keep it fresh. Let me know if you like it!!!

01:33 — Topic of the Week
29:52 — Recommendation Minute
31:06 — What’s Happenin’
48:24 — News of Interest
55:30 — Community Questions and Plugs
01:06:05 — Closing Song (audio only)

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