With Leifthrasir getting such good reviews, the Cartridge Club decided it was time to dive into this fan-favourite Vanillaware title – Odin Sphere. Some of the community played it on the PS2, while others opted for the PS4 remake – but it seems like EVERYONE had a great time! Joining both P1 and P2 on this episode of CCPrime are fellow community members Agent Poyo, Scott the VGCollectaholic and Minotaur Zombie.

The nations of Erion had always held an uneasy peace, as the various kings and queens watched each other for any signs of weakness. When the country of Valentine is obliterated by the power of an ancient artifact, it sparks a bloody war between the fairies of Ringford and the warriors of Ragnanival. Little do they know that they are acting out an almost-forgotten prophecy: one that, if fulfilled, will lead to the destruction of the entire world. Take control of the warrior princess Gwendolyn, daughter of Odin, and follow the threads of an intricately woven story as you uncover the truth behind the prophecy – and how to bring it to an end. Five playable characters in all; each one’s fate is intertwined with the others’. A robust cooking and alchemy system that can be used to create powerful attack and recovery items.

Odin Sphere



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