Today we’re talking about the sci-fi movie Annihilation and the book of the same name that it’s based on with returning guest Tzufit.

What we’ve been up to

  • (00:01:36) Sea of Thieves (All of us!)
  • (00:21:19) Overwatch League stage 2 finals and player code of conduct (All of us!)
  • (00:33:11) Darkest Dungeon (Pam)
  • (00:40:42) The Alienist (Tzufit)
  • (00:42:30) American Crime Story s2 (Tzufit)


There will be spoilers for the movie and book throughout.

  • (00:45:21) What is Annihilation?
  • (00:46:43) Expectations and adaptation
  • (00:53:17) Characters and actors
  • (00:58:10) Self-destruction themes and the addition of an adultery subplot
  • (01:04:23) Casting choices and focus on women
  • (01:06:01) Removal of the hypnosis aspect of the book
  • (01:09:30) The tattoo
  • (01:10:23) I’ve been interested in Annihilation for a while but I have one holdup – I am a huge wimp when it comes to movies, and spooky/creepy stuff haunts me for days. Would this movie still be worth watching knowing it might leave me up later than usual? Is it even that scary? Thanks! @thomicks
  • (01:12:07) How much do you hate bears now? @mk_patter
  • (01:13:16) What’s really going on in The Shimmer
  • (01:19:06) The Lighthouse and the film’s ending
  • (01:30:19) Would love to hear your thoughts on the theory that the whole thing is an experiment set up by the government to test out the genetic engineering tools @teatimesci
  • (01:34:19) Visuals, audio and most striking scenes
  • (01:41:26) If you’ve read the book, did it live up to expectations? If not, did the movie make you want to read the book? @GuusHenkBremer
  • (01:42:27) Is Annihilation worth travelling 40 miles for? @travplaysgames