It’s Pam and Riley back again with what we’ve been up to in the last few weeks. And as usual, we talk about Overwatch for half the time.

What we’ve been up to

  • (00:00:25) Pacific Rim: Uprising (Riley)
  • (00:04:43) John Wick 2 (Pam)
  • (00:07:11) BTS: Burn the Stage Documentary (Riley)
  • (00:13:04) Authority – second book in Southern Reach trilogy (Pam)
  • (00:16:20) Overwatch: Archive Event (Riley & Pam)
  • (00:23:11) The Invisible Hours (Pam)
  • (00:29:12) Overwatch League (Riley & Pam)

Listener Questions

  • (00:48:35) What feature do you wish the next generation of consoles had and why? @JohnathanCellini
  • (00:52:13) Have you played Brigitte much and what do you think of her? @OrkChop
  • (00:58:46) What is your favourite system and why is that? What is your current favourite and, since you play vintage, which was the best in your opinion? @vosskah
  • (01:02:49) Surprise! Sea of Thieves talk šŸ™‚
  • (01:04:37) Thoughts on xbox backwards compatibility and the PS4 not having that feature as we shift to an ever digital-only marketplace? @johnathancellini