Today’s guest is Samantha Blackmon. She is an associate professor at Purdue University, host of the Not Your Mama’s Gamer podcast, co-founder and editor of the site of the same name, and editor in chief of the brand new NYMG Feminist Games Studies Journal.

What we’ve been up to

  • (00:05:40) Children of Blood and Bone, Gaming Masculinities (Samantha)
  • (00:12:59) Far Verona – Stars Without Number TTRPG (Riley)
  • (00:22:54) Frostpunk, Typoman (Pam)
  • (00:31:01) Steamworld Dig 2, Defiance 2050, Club Penguin Island (Samantha)
  • (00:36:05) Lost in Space (Riley)
  • (00:38:56) The Great British Menu, How to Get Away with Murder (Pam)
  • (00:43:02) Chopped (Samantha)
  • (00:47:50) Janelle Monae (Samantha)
  • (00:49:22) The Strange Case of Starship Iris (Riley/Pam)

Feminist Game Studies

  • (00:53:39) NYMG Feminist Games Studies Journal and what it’s adding to game studies
  • (00:59:23) NYMG Journal first issue selections
  • (01:02:13) Future plans for the Journal
  • (01:05:06) How to incorporate intersectional feminism into the classroom
  • (01:12:19) Teaching those who have never thought about these things (or are opposed to them)
  • (01:19:10) Internet comments and people who assume you don’t know what you’re talking about
  • (01:26:16) Games that inspire writing and teaching – Mafia 3
  • (01:29:00) Dadification of games – and where are all the moms?
  • (01:36:00) How to submit to the NYMG Journal

Contact information (01:37:27)