Today’s guest is Adam Koebel. He is a tabletop roleplaying game creator, GM and streamer. He just started up a new show – Far Verona.

What we’ve been up to

  • (00:02:59) God of War (Adam)
  • (00:13:19) Rise of the Tomb Raider (Riley)
  • (00:17:42) Long Live the Queen (Riley)
  • (00:26:49) Massive Chalice, Defense Grid: The Awakening (Pam)
  • (00:32:46) Lost in Space (Adam/Riley)
  • (00:39:44) Infinity war (Riley/Adam)
  • (00:47:05) 47 Meters Down, The Departed (Pam)
  • (00:51:18) Pillars of Eternity 2 (Adam)
  • (00:54:25) Ancillary Justice (Adam/Riley)
  • (00:58:32) Collapsing Empire (Riley)
  • (01:07:12) The Habitat (Riley)

Far Verona and running TTRPGs

  • (01:10:23) What is Far Verona?
  • (01:12:26) Using the Stars Without Number System to involve the community is involved
  • (01:21:09) How the experience has been for the community (aka Riley)
  • (01:28:00) The different houses
  • (01:32:04) Initial expectations vs the reality – Have there been any surprising aspects to the community so far? (@soetzufit/Jess)
  • (01:37:44) How do you plan to keep the community honest – the show deals with topics that have real world origins: slavery, xenophobia, racism. Do you trust the community to self-police? (Rinksi)
  • (01:43:19) The casting process and how to make sure a cast is diverse
  • (01:50:42) What are the differences in prep/organization for sci-fi vs something more fantasy based like Court of Swords? (Tarin)
  • (01:54:39) How to plan a show for Twitch?
  • (02:00:02) What advice can you give to other GMs or players who want to explore complicated and often tragic history (i.e. prejudice and slavery) in their stories while still being respectful and careful with these themes? (@soetzufit)