This week, the Bonus Barrel crew play the SNES hidden gem, The Twisted Tales of Spike McFang, along with P2 of the Cartridge Bros. Are socks considered underwear or not? An epic misspeaking by Rob enrages Shelby and starts an EXPLOSIVE (mild) tiff that spans .. a minute or two? We almost talk about TGS. Rob complains about nonsense, and so forth. Who’s hyped? I AM!

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You like games? Well, we love them! It’s not a contest, okay? We’re four people who gather together like a fleshy Voltron to talk about various games and game topics. Overall, I give this podcast a 3.3 out 10 and it has a 27 on Metacritic. It’s worth nothing, and it should be obvious, but all the views on this show are by us and us only. Any pathetic attempt at comedy should be taken in consideration. Our “damage” segment is a recommendation system only, and not so much on the quality of the game. Any game can be good for anyone, and any can be bad, so it’s all entirely subjective. What I am saying is don’t listen to us. I mean, listen to the show, by all means. Just, you know, consider your own opinion over ours.

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