Welcome to Episode 1 of Quick Save Club!
The Quick Save Club is spin off of the Cartridge Club that focuses on PC Games. Every month we choose a Retro, Classic, or Indie PC game to play.

This month we played the Blizzard classic Diablo from 1996, a game which gave birth to the Action-RPGs genre!

We hope you enjoy the episode, and leave us any feedback on twitter @QuickSaveClub or on this thread over at the cartridge club forums: http://www.cartridgeclub.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=1865

Hosts: Kevin; @BuriedonMars

Josh; @FranticSociety

Ryan; @RetroGamerRantn

Guests: Church; @The_GameGrinder

Dean Lasagna; @Round_2_Gaming

and for those who like to listen to podcasts on youtube for whatever reason!