This month on the Cartridge Club, Musty (@mustyhobbit) and Ryan (@itsrocketsauce) invite on two Zelda 2 superfans to discuss what may be a very misunderstood Zelda game.  

The Cartridge Club is a community of video game enthusiasts of all ages.  The club centers around this podcast, which functions a lot like a book club, only for video games.  Each month we select a game, invite the community to play along with us, and invite a few on to the show to have a discussion about the game.

This month’s guests:

Erin (@Cherryb6mb)

Michael B The Game Genie (@MikeBGameGenie)

Thumbnails provided by:

Josh Leslie (@franticsociety)

Upcoming Games:

June – Uncharted 2

July – Batman Arkham City

August – Chrono Trigger