This Week we are going back to the weekly shows! Yay!
I dive into a ton of different topics, start off with a bunch of pre-e3 announcements, some hopes for the show, and other e3 musings. Then I talk about what games I’ve been playing, and our trip to comicpalooza in Houston. I then wrap it all up with some movie/tv chat in Media Corner. I hope you all have a good time listening, and I can’t wait to get  back on the weekly schedule again. Thanks for taking the time and supporting me. 


00:00 – Intro
01:39 – Pre-E3 Chat 
03:15 – Super Mario Maker Direct
06:58 – Death Stranding Trailer
12:34 – Weird Pokemon Conference/Pokemon Sword and Shield
14:45 – Watch Dogs, Spongebob, Simpsons
18:00 – 3-ish Things I’d Love to See at E3
29:54 – What’s Happenin – Work and Comicpalooza stories
40:29 – Recent Games I Have Been Playing
50:29 – Media Corner
58:12 – Detective Pikachu Mini-Review
01:00:45 – Aladdin Mini-Review
01:05:13 – Godzilla: King of Monsters Mini-Review
01:06:45 – Booksmart Mini-Review
01:08:45 – Ducktales Finale
01:10:57 – Game of Thrones Finale
01:12:58 – Saying Goodbye and Song “I’m Not Okay (I Promise),” My Chemical Romance

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