Game Room Ideas from Viewers – Handheld Cartridge Stands and Displays ! | Disk Cart

Since the beginning of this channel all of you have sent in amazing Ideas for displaying games or other Items in game rooms or game collections. I finally was able to test a few of the game room ideas from viewers and compile them into one video about handheld...

When Do Games Become Retro? | Frantic Thoughts Episode 86

This Week, we ask the question, "When are video games retro?," talk about Anthem, VR, Ape Out, Work Stalkers?, Captain Marvel, some movie trailers, Borderlands 3 teases, and a lot more! Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy the show! [podbean...

The Gamers & The Science of Cartridge Substances | Weekend Rental Episode 42

It's Famicom week and we found a couple gems and a Garfield game. A new Battle Royale hits the streets, and lastly, what substances are on a cartridge?

Family Day Part Two: Hockey & Pickups | Nintendo Hodge Vlog