Recent Pickups #30 – MGC 2019 | The Game Grinder

I've finally put together a pickup video from the Midwest Gaming Classic 2019! I was able to get a bunch of games from my MGC wishlist, and nabbed a few other neat finds! This is the last of my MGC 2019 series, and I'm SO looking forward to doing this all again next...

Yard Sales Vlog & Pickups – May 11, 2019 | Nintendo Hodge

Wilson and I kickoff the start of Yard Sale season by heading into STCPod territory.  Will it pay off?

Kallax: The Best TV Stand for Game Collections (and Best Inserts for Games/ Consoles)|Disk Cart

After my video on the Tv side of my game room I keep evolving the space. One issue was how to Display and play my top loading consoles. I spent some time looking to find the best tv stand and it is the Kallax. I go in depth as to why and the many add ons! Collect what...

Minecraft Exploration: Ep. 3 – Getting Settled

On this episode of Frantic’s Minecraft Let’s Play, he builds a storage room and talks about the future plans for his world!

The Gamers at Midwest Gaming Classic 2019 | Weekend Rental Episode 46

A special 5-person roundtable of tired and fed gamers discuss the best sights, games, and meats of MGC 2019.