The Gamers Eat Pea Green Peaches |Weekend Rental #45

With 3 good Game Boy games to start the show, it’s hard to not have a great Buy, Rent, Burn discussion.

Midwest YouTube Gamers Discussion Panel @ Midwest Gaming Classic 2019 | The Old Ass Retro Gamer

Once again the Midwest YouTube Gamers held a discussion panel at this year’s Midwest Gaming Classic!

Setting Up My Game Room TV Side (display stands, Mega SG, game room tour) | Disk Cart

I have been working on setting up the TV side of my game room! I show you what I am working toward as well as what stands and solutions for displaying games, consoles and controllers I am using!

Midwest Gaming Classic 2019 | Weekend Festivities VLog | Nintendo Hodge

Follow me and the family as we travel to the 2019 Midwest Gaming Classic