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Post by Round2Gaming » Thu Dec 07, 2017 5:46 am

“1-2-Switch is all about looking each other in the eye as you play!” This overly bizarre concept is what intrigued me to play Nintendo’s showcase title in the first place. The ridiculous cheese-factor from the trailers had me on the fence. I couldn’t place whether it looked fun or creepy. I decided a little of both couldn’t hurt. And can’t say I’ve had many experiences playing a video game without looking at the screen (save those blind Super Mario competitions we used to play as kids….never could get past World 1-2….), so I was ready!

After playing, I wrote a review which can be found here: Round2Review - 1-2-Switch

Have you played 1-2-Switch already? How do you feel it compares to its Wii Sports or Nintendoland predecessors? Which of the 28 mini-games was your favorite? I want to know all this and more over right here on the forums!


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