Polykill's Off-Killter Episode 16: Childhood Mischief

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Polykill's Off-Killter Episode 16: Childhood Mischief

Post by polykill_travis » Tue Mar 20, 2018 5:31 pm

So, thankfully, Brian is back again. That guy was a BRAT, I tell ya. Jake was basically a saint, and Trav falls somewhere between Brian and Jake. He's clumsy like that. Anyway, there are all sorts of crazy stuff in this one, so hang on to your hats. 

Audio: http://traffic.libsyn.com/polykill/OK16.mp3

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Re: Polykill's Off-Killter Episode 16: Childhood Mischief

Post by alatinolawyer » Tue Mar 20, 2018 5:43 pm

Jake, I don't blame you man, most of my mischief took place on the way to school, at school, coming home from school, or at the school grounds because that's where we'd go to do deviant stuff. Being home schooled really takes away all those opportunities.

BRIAN OH MY GOD. You are a not really a naughty naughty boy, you were just very impressionable. I had a friend growing up, Bryan, who seriously got me to do shit I wouldn't have ever done had it not been hanging out with him, such as: (1) let's see if we can light these packages of charcoal on fire, oh by the way this is in a storage room of a local middle school; (2) let's see what happens if we try to put in fake credit card numbers to see if we can buy stuff over the phone, etc. Then I had another friend, Aaron, who convinced me to try the following: (1) Diego nobody will suspect you, let's steal packs of cigarettes from the local grocery store on the way to school (I was really good at that), (2) Diego nobody will suspect you, while you're at your student page job get the phone numbers for all the hot girls in school so we can call them (somehow none of the girls we called ever really questioned how we got their numbers or were that bothered by us calling them), etc., you get the idea. I did a lot of dumb things because some kid I "looked up to took me under his wing" and we both were criminally unattended by our parents.

But then again, peeing in a used car is like, wow, man. Wow.

Myles. It's always the one you would least suspect.

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