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Patreon Members

Post by Administrator » Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:06 pm

The Cartridge Club is already on it's 5th year, and has grown from a small handful of gamers, to an incredible community that spans globally, with fellow members from all over the world. Yet still, the club is closer than it's ever been before, and it's thanks to fantastic people like you!

If you're looking to support us, there's no better way than to just be involved. Come and chat in the forums. Watch, read and listen to the daily content. Come hang out with us at conventions and live streams. It's easy! But if you're looking to go one step further, then please, check out the Cartridge Club Patreon.

Every cent donated goes directly back into improving the club; whether it's to make the website and forums a better place for you to enjoy, or to improve the quality of the content we share, or even to coordinate events for you to attend. The club is all of us - and together we can continue to make this the best place to come on the internet!
Monthly giveaway is unlocked when the club reaches $80/month.

Club Supporter - $1.00
Patreon Feed, CCWeekly Early Access and Thanks!

Donors at this level will have access to our Patron-only feed, as well as gain access to CCWeekly in full-video format at least 1 day before it goes live. Lastly, and most importantly, they'll have our sincere thanks for helping to grow the CartridgeClub.

Members at the tier will receive 1 ballot for each monthly giveaway.

Club Benefactor - $3.00
This tier includes all previous tiers

Members at this tier will get to take part in the game of the month selection process for August. We'll take all suggestions via a post here and then hold a vote to select what game the Club will play. The panel that month will also be open to members at this tier first before being opened to the public.

Members at the tier will receive 5 ballots for each monthly giveaway.

Club Sponsor - $5.00
This tier includes all previous tiers

Members at this tier will receive 10 ballots for each monthly giveaway!

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