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Retro Fandango Eps. 96 - Jersey Boy

Post by BuriedOnMars » Wed Oct 10, 2018 10:03 pm

What are you doing with my shovel?

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Re: Retro Fandango Eps. 96 - Jersey Boy

Post by MightyQDawg » Thu Oct 11, 2018 6:00 pm

[Disclaimer: I didn't finish the entire episode before posting this. I reserve the right to make edits at a future time.]

You want controversial opinions? Here's one:

The reason Nintendo gets a pass on this stuff is because "Nintendo Power" magazine brain-washed an entire generation of kids.

As someone who did not grow up with an NES or SNES, I constantly marvel at the zealousness of Nintendo fans. It's true that those systems' libraries included some of the best games ever made (but so do the PS1 and PS2). This alone, however, is not enough to explain the pervasiveness and intensity of Nintendo fandom (even today), all of which seems rooted in the 8- and 16-bit eras. (Apologies to N64 fans like RocketSauce). Nintendo Power magazine is the key.

This magazine was nothing more than an advertisement for Nintendo (and Nintendo Culture) that kids had the privilege of paying to have delivered to their doorstep. The entire goal of this magazine is to inculcate that Nintendo *is* video gaming. It told kids that Nintendo video games are what video games should be. It introduced them to IPs that would string them along for years. It made them feel part of a larger community of similar fans. It is clear now, thirty years later, that Nintendo Power was incredibly successful, and probably the best investment Nintendo ever made.

Now, I am not saying that these Nintendo fans are *wrong* about Nintendo quality. I'm saying that for many people Nintendo is video gaming and whatever Nintendo does is *de facto* acceptable, because that's what they were trained to think all those years ago by Nintendo Power.

Eric "Red Pill" QDawg

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