Finale! | Flock Talk RPG #1.4

This is it! The finale of the inaugural season of Flock Talk RPG! In the previous episode, our intrepid heroes, Dusty Nuts, Mandy Bandx, and "fan favourite" Brooks had just been caught in another sting operation. Find out what perils await them as they prepare to...

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Simulation Games | Flock Talk #18

Spring has finally sprung! This month, Myles, Chris and Kathryn talk about the many different kinds of simulation games that they enjoy. The Barrie Game Exchange is happening on Sunday, May 6th! For more details visit:

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Role-Playing Games | Flock Talk #15

In the wake of launching their new podcast, Flock Talk RPG, Myles, Chris and Kathryn discuss some of their favourite video game and tabletop RPGs. Click here to find details about Buried on Mars' charity live stream that will take place on February 10-11, 2018....

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