Duke Of 80’sham Palace

This month I close out the year with guest Duke of Retro Nonsense fame, we briefly talk about Sony ditching E3 in 2019, Microsoft & the digital only XB1. Move on into CC Extra Life Charity stream then our memories of Christmas TV specials and holiday movies.

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20 Minutes From Home

Good day all, I am here to ruin your day by filling space on your digital devices yet again with another episode of RetroPixel Podcast. I talk little about my life turning around slightly employment wise, Monster World 4, PS Classic, Battlefield V insane release schedule and more. Link to MW4 on XBOX Store!


Slipknot Psychosocial banjo cover by Rob Scallon & are crazy talented. Check them out on Youtube!

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RP Podcast: Q Dorks

Insanity this month, managed to get two guests for May episode. Mrs Q Dawg marks history being first female on the show & 2nd appearance by Derek of 2 Dorks. We discuss the following news subjects: Microsoft Adaptive Controller, Nintendo Switch Online, Best Buy ending loyalty programs, NES Classic Returns & C3

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A wild Bill appears!

I am joined this episode with Bill of STC Pod fame, we hammer out discussion on multiple topics including: Barrie Game Exchange, controversy of Apu, LCD handheld preservation, Sonic Mania getting physical release, Toys R Us bankruptcy and respect for Joe’s mint condition American Girl doll collection!

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RP Podcast February 2018

Solo show this month, topics include end to PS3 & Vita games with Playstation Plus subscriptions, the state of Twin Galaxies, paid save slots and first year of the Nintendo Switch. Followed by what we watched this past month, ending with games played recently and what I hope to start enjoying in near future.

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RP Podcast 1 Year Anniversary

Welcome to the RetroPixel Podcast 1 year anniversary, I am joined this episode with Eric of MightyQDawg fame.

Discussions include: Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, Mega Man 11 & Mega Man X Collection, Disney buys Fox Television & film studios, Super Mario Cereal scalping, Swatting results in a death, NES Maker, Nintendo Labo, Xbox Gamepass update.

What we watched: Big Mouth, Coco, Jigsaw, Disaster Artist, I Tonya 

Story: Fido Fiasco 

What I played Recently: Super Mario Odyssey, Doom 2016, Mutant Football League

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Episodes will all revolve around classic & current gaming along with short reviews of recently watched movies or TV series.