STCPod ep151 – Did Something Happened To You In A 3D Theatre?

How does someone who says he reads The Lord of the Rings books every 4 years fare on LOTR themed trivia quiz? What if that person was Joe? #JoeRings starts things off and colours the mood for the rest of the episode! We also finally learn how Bill sniffed out those pickups at the Barrie Auto Flea Market and discover magic in the fingers of Nintendo Hodge.

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STCPod ep150 – The Orville Discussion

We’re back with another milestone episode and we get excited about a brand new show on TV. Joe complains about not having enough podcasts to listen to. One of us gets sick at a party and Bill falls on the floor after getting a shocking invite. Enjoy!!

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STCPod #149 – Some Coffee and Coming of Age

It’s OG STC! ¬†Face to face, middle of the night, annoyed at each other…here’s some classic STCPod action! ¬†From back to school stories to Luke Cage to some behind the scenes documentaries of classic movies this episode hits all the notes you’ve come to expect. And yes, Siri makes another appearance…

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STCPod is a weekly podcast based on an old idea of just two dudes having a chat, busting chops, and breaking down the ideas of the day. We look into everything that interests us on any particular day such as what we watch, play and read.