Cartridge Club Community Contributor Guidelines

  • All content submitted must be approved by a Cartridge Club Administrator before it will appear on the site.
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  • Our site is visited by people of all ages, for this reason please attempt to keep your content free of gratuitous foul language.
  • Do not submit the same item multiple times. We will review each post that we receive.
  • Your submission may be selected for discussion on our weekly podcast or video. If you would prefer for us not to mention it on the show please email [email protected] to let us know.
Note the following:
- If it is a series, make your Title in the format of:
   [Your Title] - [Series] | [Channel Name] [Episode number]
   Example 1: I Think We're Alone Now | Dollar Dorks Episode 15
   Example 2: Video Game TV Show Ideas | Frantic Thoughts Episode 58
- If it is a single instance topic, make your Title in the format of:
   [Teaser] - [Title] | [Channel Name]
   Example 3: Make A Game Room On A Budget - 2019 Game Room Tour | The Retrollectors
- Please do not use all capital letters in your title.
- If submitting a video please paste the link directly into the content box after your description text.    Use the YouTube link in the format of
- The featured image must be exactly 1280x720 (720p).
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