August Updates | Cannot be Tamed

Monthly vlog series where I talk about what I’ve been up to in the previous month – game pickups, podcast guesting, collaborations, and a few words on some of the games I’ve been playing. I did my first video collaborations this month (two of them!) and played a lot of great indie games in August and talk a bit about them all.

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Pam Reads Mean Comments – Part 2

I’ve received a lot more mean comments in the year and a half since my last mean comments videos, so now I’m sharing them with you! Aren’t you lucky? I hope you like veiled insults and sexual harassment.

Skip this one if you don’t want to be reminded how much some people suck. Also, most of these comments have been deleted from my videos, since I try to keep the comment sections from turning into a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Enjoy!

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I’m Pam and I like to talk about video games. From reviews of retro classics, to recommendations of games for those short on time, to highlighting positive female characters in newer games, I hope you’ll find something you like here.