Cartridge Club #81 – Hentai Tattoo

A new month means a new game and this February we’re playing Odin Sphere! As well in the month of love CC Portable is tackling Metroid Fusion on the GBA. The Club has a Discord set up with some topic specific channels and the bros are trying to be less bad at using it. Lastly P1 talks about getting a hentai tattoo…

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Cartridge Club Weekly #79 – Nintendo Labo

Dark Cloud woes, Metroid Prime Pinball high scores are spinning up and the Cartridge Club tackles the SNES. P2 talks about getting a portable raspberry pi and P1 can’t remember a simple website. Hellweek begins which means time is limited for the elder bro but that didn’t stop him from getting in a couple podcasts and videos. All of this and more in the show recorded one day before the best day of the year!

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Cartridge Club Weekly #77 – Grind of the Tomb Raider

New year, new format same old bros! We’re playing Dark Cloud and Metroid Prime in the games of the month and the 2018 CCABC rules are up on the forums from the benevolent Donovan Viper. Nintendo Norway drops a bomb on the internet before the revelation that Nintendo Norway doesn’t exist. The Switch is selling like hotcakes and there is light at the end of the tunnel for Bright.

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These actual brothers from the East Coast of Canada learned very early on that they loved all things related to video games. Now they share that passion with the interwebs via their game reviews and off-the-cuff series, “Not So Deep Thoughts”.