Our Top 5 Most Valuable SNES Games | MightyQDawg

Inspired by recent videos on the topic, we’ve decided to our own ‘Top 5 Most Valuable SNES Games’ video! Join us as we discuss the 5 games that have become the most valuable in our SNES collection, plus one game that ended up being our “costliest” item. And if you have a SNES collection, let us know what your Top 5 Most Valuable games are by making your own video or by commenting below.

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PRGE 2018 Day 1 | In the QDawg House

Welcome to our “In the QDawg House” vlog for Day 1 of PRGE 2018! The Portland Retro Gaming Expo, or PRGE, officially started today. We headed over to the expo around mid-afternoon and meet up with a number of Cartridge Clubbers who were already there. To wrap up the night we ate at Rogue Eastside Pub and Pilot Brewery. Please enjoy the video and check out all of our videos covering PRGE 2018!

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Join us, a husband who’s been collecting for over 15 years, and a wife who’s had to live with a collector and is now getting into the hobby herself, as we share with your our collection, our pick-ups and our perspective on video game collecting.